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Water Resources Research Institute Funding Opportunities

NJWRRI Funding through USGS

Graduate Student Grants-In-Aid - Fiscal Year 2021

Up to six awards of up to $5,000 each will be funded. These funds are intended to allow graduate students to pursue research that is not supported by other grant funds, or to carry out preliminary research to develop fundable thesis projects. The funds can be used for research assistant support, travel, supplies, or other direct research expenses. The student will be expected to present the results of the research at a regional or national scientific meeting. Proposals are selected for their relevance to New Jersey's water resources and for the scientific merit and the promise of future productivity.

Junior Faculty-Initiated Projects - Fiscal Year 2021

Up to three projects of up to $20,000 each will be funded. This funding is intended to support junior faculty (i.e., postdoctoral associate and/or assistant professor) for a major study. The investigator should indicate how the funding will act as a "seed grant" to spur the development of a larger research program on water resource problems and what other sources of funding may be availble or may be sought to continue the research. All projects are selected based on their relevance to New Jersey's water resources.

View summaries of research funded in FY 2002 - 2019.

The call for proposals is OPEN. The deadline for submission of proposals is Monday, December 14, 2020 by 12PM, NOON.

National Institutes for Water Resources Funding

NIWR-USGS National Competitive Grants Program 104(g) - Fiscal Year 2021 ~ COMING SOON

NIWR-USGS National Competitive Grants Program - Fiscal Year 2020

The U.S. Geological Survey in cooperation with the National Institutes for Water Resources supports an annual call for proposals to focus on water problems and issues that are of a regional or interstate nature or relate to a specific program priority identified by the Secretary of the Interior and the Institutes.

The goals of the National Competitive Grants program are to:

  • promote collaboration between the USGS and university scientists in research on significant national and regional water resources issues.
  • promote the dissemination and results of the research funded under this program.
  • assist in the training of scientists in water resources.

Research Priorities
USGS is requesting full proposals for only four high priority research areas as written in the RFP. Proposals that are submitted for hydrologic research that do not address these areas will not be considered.

Full proposals must address one of the following four research areas:

  • Expand and enhance the use of hydrologic monitoring data monitoring to support advanced modeling tools to provide state-of-the-art flood and drought forecasts, drive emergency- and water-management decision support systems.
  • Research to help society deal with water scarcity or water availability challenges such as drought, snow pack, and/or changes in runoff regimes.
  • Development and evaluation of processes and governance mechanisms that advance the science of ecological flows.
  • Exploration and advancement of our understanding of harmful algae blooms (HABs). Proposals are sought that focus on innovations in monitoring the occurrence of HABs and algal toxins, research on factors that result in algal toxin production, and improvements in near-real time modeling and forecasting of toxin-producing blooms.

Download the FY2020 USGS 104g Announcement

The call for proposals is closed.
The deadline for submission to 
NJWRRI was Monday, March 2nd, 2020, 5PM. 

Additional information and a list of previously funded projects can be found at the WRRI website.

FY2021 Call for Proposals ~ COMING SOON