Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station [The New Jersey Water Resources Research Institute]

Tools: Mapping and Online Training




NJ DEP Surf Your New Jersey Watershed Locate and learn about your local watershed.
NJ DEP Geographic Information Systems GIS environmental mapping information available (through i-MapNJ DEP) for your neighborhood, county and the state of New Jersey. Find contaminated sites, regulatory boundaries, watersheds, water bodies, sensitive lands, land use data, and more.
i-MapNJ Geology Interactive mapping application that provides information about New Jersey's geology, aquifers, wellhead protection areas, public community water supply wells, and much more.
New Jersey Geological Survey Digital Geodata Series Includes base maps, groundwater, geology, and geophysics series.
National Wetlands Inventory with Wetlands Mapper GIS based maps of wetlands in all of the United States.


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Online Training Tools

Clean Water Act Online Tutorial The River Network's on-line tutorial familiarizes citizens with the Clean Water Act.
Kentucky Macroinvertebrate Guide Kentucky Water Watch provides information on benthic macroinvertebrates as water quality indicators and biomonitoring.
NEMO Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials Educational tools for land-use planners, created by the University of Connecticut.
OWLS - Object Watershed Link Simulation Hydrology Model 2-D and 3-D watershed hydrology, stream channel dynamic changes and more, provided by Oregon State University.
NJ Volunteer Monitoring and Watershed Watch Program NJDEP volunteer water monitoring information and Field Sampling Procedures Manual.
NJ Watershed Management Outreach and Education Program NJDEP Outreach & Education: learn to be a volunteer watershed monitor.
Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Powerpoint Presentations Visual information on water monitoring purpose and procedure.
U.S. EPA Online Training in Watershed Management Train yourself at home: watershed ecology, analysis, planning, management, and community impact.
US EPA Biological Assessment Methods Assessment methods for wadeable streams and rivers, lakes and reservoirs, and estuaries and coastal waters are provided.
USGS NWISWeb Tutorial National Water Information System Web site. Information on HUC (Hydrologic Unit Codes), accessing stream-flow data and accessing water-quality data.
Virginia SOS Stream Study On-line macroinvertebrate training.


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