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NJ DEP has assessed New Jersey's ‘natural capital’ at $20 billion/year overall. This includes both ecosystem services and ecosystem goods. Water resources comprise a major portion of this value. For example, the report cites wetlands as providing over 90% of the value of ecosystems services, primarily from freshwater but also saltwater wetlands (about $9.4 billion/year for freshwater and $1.2 billion/year for saltwater). Published in April 2007.
This book gives a comprehensive overview of modern analytical methods and summarizes novel single and hybrid methods to remove continuously emerging contaminants - micropollutants from the aqueous phase. Published in August 2010 as part of the Integrated Environmental Technology Series.
Download individual chapters or the entire 121-page Annual State of the Environment Report. Diverse chapters on topics such as freshwater pollution, groundwater, water supply, marine pollution, sea level and ocean temperature change. This report was released in early 2006, but many chapters have been recently updated.
This draft technical document was developed to help implement the Healthy Watersheds Initiative by providing EPA, state, tribal, and local practitioners with an overview of the key concepts behind the Healthy Watersheds approach, examples of assessments of healthy watershed components, an integrated assessment framework for identifying healthy watersheds, examples of management approaches, sources of national data, and key assessment tools.
US EPA Case Studies Report on local watershed capacities. A study of Spruce Run Resevoir of New Jersey includes issues of drinking water protection, watershed planning and local ordinances.
Freshwater resource protection and management publications, as well as newsletters, newspapers and links.
Features user-friendly publications on water quality, fisheries and aquaculture, marine safety, water conservation, and environmental regulations.
The online Physicians' Reference Guide provides educational materials and resources for physicians. Information on how to recognize and treat waterborne disease, and the identification of health effects of acute and chronic exposure to water pollution.
A collection of technical papers on topics of water, soils, agriculture, irrigation, and drainage from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Papers focus on sustainable use of land and water resources to meet the agricultural demands of the world.
Order EPA water-resource publications from their website, searching by title, keyword or audience type.
A Congressional Budget Office analysis of how society uses it's water resources.
This study provides a unique, previously nonexistent perspective on the quality of the self-supplied drinking water resources used by 45 million Americans in the United States.
Research reports cover a broad spectrum of reuse issues, including chemical contaminants, microbiological agents, treatment technologies, salinity management, public perception, and economics. The related WateReuse Association also has publications available for purchase.
A listing of new publications about water provided by the Water and Environmental Research Center (Alaska)
Division of Watershed Management listing of publications.

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