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NJ Department of Environmental Protection

Regulatory Divisions, Bureaus and Programs


Bureau of Dam Safety & Flood Control Regulations and policies governing dam management. Information on grants and loans, historical events and safety.
Division of Land Use Regulation Land use regulations, information and permitting for freshwater wetlands, flood hazard areas and riparian zones, coastal areas, and tidelands.
Bureau of Nonpoint Pollution Control Oversees industrial and municipal stormwater permitting, ground water discharge permitting, and onsite wastewater management (septic systems). Information on general and individual permits.
Municipal Stormwater Regulation Program Information on general permits for Tier A and Tier B municipalities, highway agencies, and public complexes. Statewide public education on stormwater.
Source Water Assessment Program (SWAP) Assessments of ground and surface water sources of public drinking water. Provides information and technical resources on public water systems.
Wastewater Reuse Program Information on how domestic and industrial wastewater dischargers can implement beneficial wastewater reuse projects.
Division of Water Quality Regulations and permitting for surface water, ground water, and stormwater management.
Division of Water Monitoring and Standards Information on a variety of regulatory and funding programs relating to water quality, pollution, and supply.
Bureau of Environmental Analysis, Restoration and Standards The Bureau of Environmental Analysis, Restoration and Standards (BEARS) is responsible for conducting and coordinating water quality assessments of all waters of the State, including assessment of data collected by non-departmental entities (e.g., regional and local government agencies and volunteer monitoring organizations), and determining the causes and sources of water quality impairment.
Water Information Directory water, coastal, and watershed information
Division of Water Supply Oversees the bureaus of water system and well permitting, water allocations and safe drinking water. Information on water supply critical area designations, drought, conservation, and protection. Relevant state and federal statutes and regulations.
Wetlands Mitigation Council Freshwater wetland mitigation banks, monetary contributions and land donations, and wetland restoration funding.



NJ DEP Publications General information, forms, reports, technical manuals, and newsletters.
Bureau of Freshwater and Biological Monitoring Publications Biological monitoring data reports on macroinvertebrates and fish in New Jersey freshwater and saltwater tidal zones.
Division of Science, Research & Technology Publications Publications on NJDEP research projects, including coastal, drinking water, water quality, and wetlands research.
Division of Water Quality Technical Manuals Technical manuals for guidance and permit applications.
Marine Water Monitoring Reports Statewide and local area reports on water quality of shellfish growing areas.


Research and Data Resources

Division of Science, Research and Environmental Health Links to ongoing research on air, water, environmental health, ecology, and related topics.
Bureau of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Provides easy-to-use interactive mapping through i-MapNJ DEP, i-MapNJ Geology and other programs. GIS data layers and software available for download on the website.
NJ Geological Survey Interactive geological mapping, including locations of aquifers, wellhead protection areas and groundwater recharge areas. Digital data, map resources, research and information programs, and publications.
New Jersey's Vernal Pools General information about vernal pools in New Jersey; links to regulatory programs affecting vernal habitats, and protocol and data sheets for identifying vernal habitats
Bureau of Environmental Analysis, Restoration and Standards (BEARS) Citizen Science volunteer monitoring programs in New Jersey


Natural Areas Information

NJ Natural Heritage Program and Database Information on rare and endangered species, ecological communities and invasive species.
New Jersey Pinelands Commission Information about the Pinelands National Reserve, the Comprehensive Management Plan, land use, permitting, research projects, educational resources, and commission meetings.
New Jersey Highlands Council Implements the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act. Information about the Act, the Regional Master Plan, and rules and permits. Information for various stakeholders in the region. GIS data and interactive maps.


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Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC)


DRBC Home Page General information and overview of DRBC. Links to new information, reports, events, maps, data, and regulations.
Water Resources Plan for the Delaware River Basin Background on development of the Plan and associated documents, Watershed Advisory Council information, DBRC Comprehensive Plan.
Basin Water Use Water withdrawal and use data.
Hydrologic Information Drought, flood, stream flow, and reservoir storage data.
Commission Meeting and Public Hearing Information about upcoming meetings, past DRBC meeting minutes and project application status updates.
DRBC Publications Annual reports, water quality assessment reports, several other reports on the estuary and tributaries, newsletters.

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Rutgers University


NJ Environmental Digital Library Online library of hard-to-find environmental literature and multimedia resources relating to New Jersey.
NJ Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES) Information on continuing professional education, outreach, research, and events. Visit the Natural Resources & the Environment section for water-related topics.
Rutgers NJAES Office of Continuing Professional Education (OCPE) Provides continuing professional education and training courses on various environmental topics, including water and wastewater operations, wetland delineation and environmental management and compliance.
Rutgers Cooperative Extension & Cooperative Research Units of NJAES. Provides numerous useful publications on water-related issues, information on consultations, workshops, ongoing research, and other services.
RCE Water Resources Program A program within Rutgers Cooperative Extension that specializes in water resources research. Fact sheets and educational programming are key components of the program.
Northeast States and Carribean Islands Regional Water Center Focuses on key issues in U.S. EPA Region 2 (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands). Coordinates water quality-related education and extension for the Land Grant Universities in each state.


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US Geological Survey

New Jersey Water Science Center


Water Science Center Homepage List of resources including current projects, surface, groundwater and water-quality information, streamflow and weather data.
Current research projects List of water resources projects in New Jersey.
Real-time streamflow data By USGS station number and surface water name.
Real-time ground water levels For available observational and other wells.
Real-time water quality data For selected stations.
Real-time weather data By USGS station number.


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